Porch Accessories

Our accessory range covers everything you need to complete your porch and includes:

Staddle Stones for porches

Standard porches need two stones each, we sell 2 different designs which are both suitable for either the Grosvenor or Westminster design porch.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply issues, we are currently only selling our staddle stones with porch orders.

Boarding for porches

Boarding adds the finishing touch to a porch – so that when you stand in your porch and look up you see boarding and not the underside of your roof tiles.

Rear Stubs

The standard method of fixing the porch to your wall is to insert the ends of the wall plates into your wall (by making small holes to accept them). Where there is not possible, or you prefer to affix the wall plates to the exterior of the wall, you can select the additional pair of Rear Stubs to enable this.

Free delivery on accessories when ordered with a porch

If you order your accessories at the same time as your porch, you only pay postage for the porch.

Our Porch accessories range